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Learning Object-Oriented-Programming in an unusual manner

by Fariborz Moradi


The analogy of this tutorial is simple: think of a java programmer as a writer, composing a stock novel. All of the characters and settings are "off-the-shelf", and need be only modified slightly to fit into a new book. All that's left to write a bestseller is to come up with a plot that pulls all those pre-existing elements together.

That, in a nutshell, is java programming. Think of it as Dean Koontz for smart people. Now, that might be all you want to know. If so, thanks for stopping by! If things still could use some clearing up (perhaps by way of a couple dozen pages of examples), then read on!


When I first started learning how to program Java, I was left totally confused about this whole "object-oriented" thing. What books I had explained the concept poorly, and then went straight on to advanced programming tips. I felt frustrated and lost. Not being particularly math-oriented, I needed a good analogy to help me understand the nature of Java.

I have created this brief tutorial not in order to be an exhaustive Java resource, but rather to introduce readers to the concepts of object oriented programming in a way that is non-threatening. If all goes well, we'll have you all in pocket protectors before the end of the hour.






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